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Sherry Petta Rescue
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"Boo the White Schnauzer" (that's his long name) was left at a wolf rescue in Arizona, unwanted by his owner who surrendered him... and many thanks to Danya who runs the shelter and posted Boo on line -- I found him.  "Sad Boo" (top left) tugged at me for about two weeks until I called to ask about him.  As you can see, he came home with me and is probably one of the happiest and most loved little guys on the planet.

Please visit Sherry Petta Rescue on facebook where some special adoptable dogs are featured.  Maybe you'll end up with your own magnificent Boo and give a dog the wonderful and loving home it deserves.

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Have you seen this dog?

Juice has been  missing since December 24, 2012.  Believing in miracles, I ask everyone who sees this picture to please keep Juice's image in your mind.  She has distinct markings and should be easy to recognize.

 Juice was lost in Phoenix, AZ but she could have traveled or been transported to any location by now.  If you ever see a dog you think might be Juice, please snap a photo and email the details as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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